Dollhouse is a passion and fascination about world of the miniature in the 1:12 scale.
I remember the time when I read child book "The Borrowers" written by Mary Norton. That's how everything started.
Realization of my dream about having my own miniature world where lived Borrowers needed to wait many years.
I was fascinated by the charming world of miniature porcelain, dolls' houses and accessories.
The first steps of creating and building miniature world wasn't easy.
The biggest difficulty was to get materials which I needed to create it. In Poland 20 years ago it was impossible.
Years later in my life appeared internet in my life. Trough Facebook I've met other people with the same passion & found new inspirations.
I started to think about making my dreams come true. The final result you can see in my webshop and blog section.

I invite everyone to look, even for a second, on the miniature world in 1/12 scale.

Miniature garden in my dollhouse.

I'd love to share with you their experiences, I will try to answer every question.

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Yours sincerely
Agnieszka Krasicka.